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Tunnel Another Way
Tunnel Another Way is a sci-fi short film.

Sentient creatures find themselves lost in a system of tunnels. With no knowledge of how they got there and almost no water to drink, they strive to find a way out.

The lead characters, Terreal and Sherrom, are computer generated with voice overs by actors Stephen Forristal and Shannan Sutherland. They have been superimposed onto a real set backdrop. The footage featuring these characters is presented with a night-vision look.

Tunnel Another Way short film poster

Tunnel Another Way was officially selected by East End Film Festival 2015 and had its world première as part of the short film programme "DIG ME OUT" on July 02, 2015 at Genesis Cinema, London.

The Cast

Voice of Terreal

Voice of Sherrom



Stephen Forristal

Shannan Sutherland

Torsten Brescanu

Evan Darcy

The Crew

Director and producer

Screenplay by

Story by

CGI coordinator and rigger

CG Creature design by

Additional CGI by

Music by

Boom Operator

Production Design, Cinematography, Sound, Editing, Foley and other uncredited roles

Jon Kiel

Daniel Chomistek

Daniel Chomistek and Jon Kiel

Gustav Nilsson

Kevin Hays

Oleg Minich

Jon Kiel

Graham Geraghty

Jon Kiel

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